Whether Single or Married
We’ll Tell You Where To Travel & What To Wear When You Get There!


Are hotels art? Move over beige walls & boring landscape pictures. Now it’s like you’re living inside a painting. Multi colored walls, motifs, optical illusions (it’s not the martini making you see stripes) Look for statues, animals, hanging glass, a veritable cacophony of design. So whether traveling single or married reserve your hotel stay at at the outrageous…

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Is fashion art? Are designers artists? Interpreting art is as individual as picking an outfit for that hot first date or romantic getaway.  Museums are now runway shows!  Your closet is your individual museum. Toss out all the fashion rules. Dress to impress that first date or that perfect romantic getaway. So throw on a bright red tutu, get ready to dance and wear it to…

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Get Personal

Wear2Where is the guide for Where2Go & What2Wear globally from the single & married perspective. Two opposite personalities navigating the single & married world. Which one is easier? Neither! If we knew the answer, we would be retired & living in Bali.

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Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

How far do you go?  The line between pleasure and pain is thin. Thank you, Christian Grey! Losing control is hot, as long as he follows your rules. Pressing you up against the glass wall… hot. Grabbing your hair…hotter! Physically more...
What do we want?

What Men Want

What do men really want? “A chef in the kitchen, a lady in the living room and a temptress in bed.” How revealing should you be? Will he like that tight low cut dress w/ metallic pumps or prefer a more...