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Tokyo – Think New York on steroids! One of the largest “electric” cities in the world with 13 million people, no street numbers or signs! Lost? Someone will stop to help you. The ultimate business & shopping destination. Head to zen inspired Kyoto for some relaxation.

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 Japanese Style – Trendy, unique, exotic and obsessed with fashion, Japan IS always on the cutting edge of fashion. Think sheer clothing, crop tops & and outrageous makeup. They even have their own clothing language – Kawaii (cute), Cosplay (costume) & Kogal (newest trends).

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Wear2Where is the guide for Where2Go & What2Wear globally from the single & married perspective. Two opposite personalities navigating the single & married world. Which one is easier? Neither! If we knew the answer, we would be retired & living in Bali.

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Head to Cuba – for the rum, for the music, for the cars & the baseball! It’s all about motion!... Read more
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Tokyo Fashion

Pop- Over to Tokyo – The most electrifying city in the world where every sidewalk becomes a catwalk! Edgy, innovative,... Read more
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